Crete, Greece 3/29/2017 part 2





couple of airplanes later &
we’re landing in crete
heraklion airport & we grab a rental car
off through town for gasoline
onto the highway under wild mountains &
east for sitia
vast expanse of ocean to the north
islands like great lost whales off shore
views up the coast
& the mountains falling into the sea
pass a few nondescript concrete towns
waterfront hotels still closed for the season
into the hills we turn
this way & that
leave the highway to search for a meal
driving through olive farms &
spring flowering trees
from a one-horse town
to another
but the tavernas all closed
just an old man or two
ambling in the square
drive ‘cross valley into
& now we’re onto something

a bakery & a
bar with some guys out front
find the town square with a statue or two
a church
a pizzeria
a place with tables out front &
three men laughing, drinking
we take a seat
order spinach pie
cheese pie
skewers &
greek salad
the food, of course, is incredible
granite mountains roll down into the strange nowhere town

we ride on
along the sea
clouds & weather
brooding, haunting landscapes
all sprung with yellow flowers &
the coast something out of the odyssey
weave on ’round the curves
white churches climb the hillsides
come into sitia just before dark
meet up with nikos at the circle
follow him to our cabin in the fields
where we are plied with homemade
raki, red wine, white wine
cheese pies, spinach pies
salted olives, fresh tomatoes
orange marmalade
many toasts & salutations
stories & laughter

the cats gather outside
hoping for a scrap









5 thoughts on “Crete, Greece 3/29/2017 part 2

    1. Agreed. We were glad to be in Crete off season. The island was preparing for the onslaught of summer tourism, but in April it felt like we had the whole island to ourselves. It DID take some searching to find places open, but we always found something tasty. Read your Crete post. Great stuff. it really took me back. We also enjoyed the highway you wrote of. Someday we’ll return for sure… hopefully in April, again

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