Tokyo, Japan 1/8/2107







the clerk at family mart helps us locate
grandfather’s rock n’ roll music inn

just a tiny sign mixed with a hundred others
side of shibuya sidewalk
down some stairs

smoky little postage stamp bar
spinning 70’s & 80’s vinyl
song for song
drink for drink
while the glasses clink
& the cocktails come

alan parsons project
eye in the sky
christopher cross takes us sailing
some down & dirty new orleans funk
marvin gaye
culture club

soundtrack to an officer
& a gentlemen lifts us
up where we belong
on a mountain high
where the eagles fly

derek & the dominoes
bring us back down with
their bell bottom blues

don’t you fade away

bottles of whiskey
bottles of gin
couples share them at each
tiny table
with buckets of chipped ice
& tongs

shaved head waitress comes round with
peanuts & beer
spandau ballet
cyndi lauper

anything goes down at
grandfather’s bar










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