Kyoto, Japan 12/5/2016






once upon a long ago

the monk yokan was reciting the heart sutra

in the halls of eikan-do zenrin-ji

buddha statue climbed down off his golden throne

looked back & asked why he did not follow

eight hundred some odd years have passed

yokan long buried beneath these hills

red maples shed their leaves in a canopy

a fallen quilt of forest floor










4 thoughts on “Kyoto, Japan 12/5/2016

    1. Hello there. He did follow. Just not right away. He was too awestruck that the Buddha statue had climbed down off the pedestal and spoke to him. The story goes: The monk prayed in the hall where the Buddha statue was for years, and then one day the Buddha statue climbed down and addressed him, walking west towards the Pure Land. When the monk did not follow, the Buddha asked him why. A bit of a parable on the whole “having faith” thing. An entire sect of Buddhism, the Jodo Pure Land School (most popular in Japan) has it’s seeds in this monk and this story. Since you asked, of course…


  1. Keith, your photos get more incredible with each posting.

    What an amazing experience for you and Erica ….. and me too, through your eyes.

    This is absolutely WONDERFUL.


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