Osaka, Japan 11/29/2016 part 2






osaka !

we made it. bit of a go
what with the train to a
plane to a train to lost
in a warren of alleys about
hail a cab
communication lacking
after much haggling
& miming he swerves
us ever closer.  some
local ladies assist. we wander
under mini-mall rooftops
still lost but somehow
match a restaurant facade
to a photo on the phone
down an alley up some
stairs & home !  three days
for osaka & we’re beat
from the slog, but
hit the zany streets
of technicolor, purchase
a one hundred yen can of coffee
hot ! she comes surprisingly
out the street side machine.
happen upon dotomburi
street.  a festival of light
& sound & smell & color.
street vendors noodles &
soups a thousand
shops a hundred or
more restaurants find
one to our liking
enter in.  exhale
a great huzzah !  heaps
of food arrive sushi
nigiri maki soba
tempura & fresh
asahi draft we slurp
it down shed our travel
woes while the
sushi chefs slice up
more more









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