Seoul, South Korea 11/17/2016





wandered the streets of hongdae today.
gingko trees all a-flutter & a-falling.
the leaves scattered upon the sidewalks.
students by the hundreds flood the streets,
out shopping & dreaming & searching.
shop upon shop, karaoke, noribang arcades.
stuffed animals by the dozen to win &
strap to backpacks & clutches.
tall cones of ice cream, chocolate waffles,
chicken skewers.
cat cafes, dog cafes, sheep cafes, raccoon cafes.
just regular hum-drum coffee cafes,
wifi in everyone.

girls everywhere taking selfies …
the sun goes down over this
university zone.

k-pop in the streets.
dancing, rapping, beat-boxing.
the kids line up to strut their stuff.

mopeds and hite trucks.
buses, cars









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