Seoul, South Korea 11/15/2016




two days in a row at our soon du bu place.
just up the road under the train tracks & highway overpass.
past the seafood tanks and the seafood shack,
the butcher and the beer store.
past pizza school and kimchi mandu joint,
self serve gas station and fried chicken stand.

soon du bu, soon du bu
in all her blazing glory.
soft white slabs of tofu, clams, egg &
green onion

in a froth of crushed chile pepper.

eat it alongside four dishes of ban chan.
kim chi, roast peanuts, tiny silver minnows
& seafood pancake
which they fill
again & again.

two  scoops glutinous rice on the side.

refill our tiny metal cups of water
from under the tv
while trump’s horrific visage glares out from the screen,
alongside protesters & candles down at
gwanghwamun square








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