Seoul, South Korea 11/3/2016




all over town
up & down

walked to Hondae neighborhood
for kim chi, soon du bu & a seafood pancake
with all the fixings

ban chan laid out in silver pans &
the soup cooked right at our table bubbling.
outside the world passing by

grab the green line subway down to city hall
find a giant gleaming metropolis with spiraling towers
& light

neon sign boards atop with their slogans as the
stony mountains creep up out of the urban sprawl to the

traffic noise and wonder,
yellow leaves and red church steeples

we wander a tree lined lane beside the
king’s old palace walls

trunks encased in colorful embroidery.
view the palace grounds past dark with painted edifices
all lit up

behind the flashing halide buildings gleaming,
purring in the night

subway back towards Hongik station

take our dinner down a flight of stairs:
kimchi dumplings, gem bok, bibimbap

walk back home through blazing alleys,
take the elevator up

room 405
eastern guesthouse
our oasis of








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