Volcano, Hawaii 10/22/2016





up above the caldera

moon daze crater noise & steam

there’s lava there, molten hot red & burbling.
bubbling & spitting right up out of the ground.

see the smoke haze rise in great plumes of blue white magic.
we wander the rim can’t take our eyes off her

that’s when she blows

blows wide open orange cream severe

a nuclear explosion
an atom bomb

great pillows of white dioxin curdling crumbling collapsing
in on herself as a
taffy of gray with burning yellow crumb
crimson inside writhing skyward

plume of smoke up to the heavens

Pele speaking in fiery tongues

we gasp & awe

a musical bird of white burning plumage
the volcano giveth a song
sweet sunlit rhapsody

the earth transformed
before our very eyes








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